Terms of sale

Version 1.0 - 2 October 2015

From :

ZetaPush SAS (hereinafter referred to as “ZetaPush”), SAS French Company with its registered office at 1137 a Avenue des Champs Blancs in Cesson-Sévigné (35510) registered under number 809 463 912 RCS Rennes, reached by telephone at +

And :

Any natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) wishing to use services offered by ZetaPush.

Article 1 : Object

The goal of this contract is to determine how are supplied and used the services offered by ZetaPush to the Client.

Article 2 : Service description

ZetaPush offers a BAAS to host, deploy, test and implement applications and websites to the Client.

Article 3 : Price list

All prices are available at the following address : https://www.zetapush.com/pricing.html

They are expressed in euros.

ZetaPush reserves the right to revise its rates.

Billing is done for consumption. The cost of using the services offered by ZetaPush are proportional to the use by the Client.

Article 4 : Invoicing

Following the formulation of the order by the Client, a summary of the order is automatically edited by ZetaPush so that the Client checks the veracity and accuracy of reported data and modifies them, if necessary.

Following the confirmation of the order, it is automatically validated by ZetaPush.

Following the validation of the automatic control by ZetaPush, the Client shall make payment according to the payment terms set out in Article 5.

Following the receipt of payment of the order by ZetaPush, an invoice is automatically edited by ZetaPush. This is explicitly available in the Client area and sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the Client.

Article 5 : Payment

Payment is made online by credit card or via the online payment service Stripe.

Upon default of payment and the payment is rejected or canceled, the Client’s order is canceled.

Article 6 : Maintenance

Reports of abnormality should be confirmed by email to ZetaPush without delay. ZetaPush proceed to diagnose the problem and then put out his correction.

ZetaPush is not responsible for the maintenance in the following cases:

Client’s refusal to cooperate with ZetaPush in resolving anomalies including responding questions and inquiries

Use application services in a manner inconsistent with their destination or their documentation

Unauthorized modification of solutions by the Client or by a third party

Failure of the Client to meet its obligations under the contract;

Implementation of all software, software or operating system is not compatible with the application services

Use of incompatible consumables

Failure of electronic communication networks

Voluntary act of degradation, malice, sabotage

Deterioration due to a case of force majeure or improper use of application services.

However, ZetaPush can support the resolution if possible dysfunctions caused by the above listed cases, the rate in force at the time of intervention.

ZetaPush agrees to transmit documentation updates to new versions of solutions. Corrections and changes of application services are expressly subject to contract.

Article 7 : Support

The contract may provide assistance to meet an accompaniment of users regarding the use of solutions.

Assistance service applies to all technical solutions provided by the Client and is to assist users by phone or remote maintenance.

7.1 Definition of service

Time Warranty Intervention (TWI): The technical team is working on the incident during this period. Time Warranty Repair (TWR): The technical team must repair the incident during this period. worked Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CEST+2

7.1.1 Incident standard

TWI 2 hours during business hours , 3 hours apart. TWR: 6:00

7.1.2 Critical Incident

TWI: 30 minutes during business hours, 2 hours away. TWR 2 hours during business hours, three hours apart.

7.1.3 Penalties

Level Agreement Service Standard: 50% of the average consumer applications. Agreement Service Level Review: 75% of the average consumer applications.

7.1.5 Recovery Plan Activity

7.2 Contacts

Technical team can also be contacted via support@zetapush.com. Every email sent to this address will be transferred to our technical assistance.

7.3 After Sales

The Service is provided by the technical team during working hours and the standby during the hours not worked.

Article 8 : Acceptance Conditions

The Client declares to have read and expressly accepted these terms and conditions.