General Questions

What is a BaaS ?

A Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), also called MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) is a Cloud allowing to developers to connect Web or Mobile apps to hosted web services through dedicated APIs and SDKs.

A BaaS solution such as ZetaPush decreases development time, avoiding configuration and coding of server parts.

With ZetaPush, development costs and time to market can be twice as fast, twice as cheap.

What are the web services offered by ZetaPush ?

Basically, we offer low-level APIs allowing to add basic functionalities to your apps (such as push notifications, authentication, search engine, data storage, file storage, hosting…).

In addition, we offer higher-level APIs you can use and adapt depending on your use case : user management, rights and permissions, workflow, work context, conversational system (chat/video/audio), collaborative tools (visioconference, whiteboard, shared text…).

Our backend can suit all your needs.

What is the difference between ZetaPush and other BaaS ?

Contrary to most BaaS providers, Zetapush can host your server-side business logic.

Compared to others providers, the core of our BaaS is real-time oriented. We provide all the needed features to create highly interactive applications and improve User Experience.

Moreover, we have developed very rich libraries with high level functional bricks that can be pieced together out of the box.

Finally, our BaaS architecture is designed to easily and horizontally scale according to your needs, from some users to millions.

Data & Security

Can I secure my already existing code ?


First of all, ZetaPush is OpenSource and remains open to the world.

Then, any existing WebService can easily interact with our Backend.

What security level ZetaPush can provide ?

At ZetaPush, we consider security as a priority. We have several approaches to secure your data :

  • Adaptive hosting fitting your needs : Cloud or On Premise
  • Open Source code ensuring the perennity of your apps
  • Single sign on, user management, rights and permissions, and secured password.
  • External Web Services access with secured credentials on server side.
  • Data storage is not directly accessible by clients : you explicitly define what can be accessed.

Concerning sensitive data, we facilitate interactions with third party solutions :

  • Bank data / Payment : Stripe by default, other payment service on demand
  • Healthcare data : ZetaPush references several HADS certified providers

How many data can I store and where are they hosted ?

The amount of data you can store depends on the licence you subscribed.

From 100MB to 100GB, and even more if needed, we can fit your needs.

For more information, please refer to pricing.html

Data storage can be in the Cloud or On Premise.

Can I recover data stored on your Cloud ?

You can access all your data at any time.

For a full dump of all your data, contact us.

How ZetaPush manages scalability ?

ZetaPush can easily and naturally scale to follow your growth.

It depends on your needs and objectives.

Installations go from a single Sandbox hosted on our Cloud, through a light On Premise machine, and on to a full Cluster solution.

Your Apps can support a few users or millions. With the very same code.

Use & Pricing

Can I test ZetaPush for free ?


Enrollment is free and you can easily try ZetaPush on your own.

Please refer to or contact us for any question !

You can subscribe the free SandBox and see all functionalities ZetaPush can offer.

How can I install ZetaPush ? What are prerequisites ? Where to start ?

We created a detailed documentation to get you started easily.

Please consult the help pages and do not hesitate to come back to us :

Do you have a support team ? How long it takes to have a feedback ?

ZetaPush support team is available here : support.html

You can also find our terms of sale and SLA here : terms-of-sale.html

Do I really get unlimited connections ?

Yes, each user can connect an unlimited number of times.

Will I be automatically charged if I exceed the limit of my free plan ?

No, free plans are thought to test our platform, to see your affinity with our solutions.

If you need more, please refer to paying packages here : pricing.html