Create interactive applications

Twice as fast, twice as cheap

What can you do with ZetaPush?

ZetaPush offers many services out of the box. What can you do when you mix them ?

What can ZetaPush do for you?

ZetaPush provides out of the box authentications and services to replace your servers. Stay focused on your business and reduce your costs and time to market.

Some of our powerful services include

From prototype to massive apps

Create a sandbox, deploy and use authentications and services instantly.

ZetaPush supports you all along the life of your product

Everything in realtime

All the ZetaPush services can be used with a realtime connector.

We provide many SDKs to connect all your devices to ZetaPush - Even your connected objects!

ZetaPush Macro Script

Your server side business logic can be described using our script Language.

The Eclipse plugin helps you write your scripts and can send them to a ZetaPush Cluster in no time.

Simple Dashboard

Use the dashboard to deploy ZetaPush authentication realms and services, check usage statistics.